Environmental Sustainability Goals


To continuously improve our environmental footprint through our meticulous and environmentally friendly operational activities and processes.


To remain dedicated and guided by our core values: JOY, SATISFACTION, AND KEY. JSK’s vision is to provide the Key to its customers’ Joy and Satisfaction - by always being mindful, environmentally conscious, and responsible – while at the same time providing the customers with superior service.


Through the incorporation of smart ECO programs, educational activities and utilisation of available resources, we aim to become an environmentally conscious water recreation theme park and pontoon to encourage and raise awareness on sustainable environmental practices in Malaysia and the world.

Sea and Beach Conservation

In an effort to maintain environmental sustainability, the JSK Carbon Free System was formed. It aims to reduce carbon footprint and ultimately protect our ocean and marine life.

In addition, to further intensify our efforts in marine conservation, JSK also actively organises and participates in sea and beach cleaning/rubbish disposal activities.

Coral Conservation and Restoration in Sabah

Sabah’s coral reefs are home to some of the largest, most diverse communities of marine life on Earth. On top of their biological significance, these reefs are also conveniently surrounded by some of Sabah’s most exotic islands and they provide a platform for research and conservation centres.
To protect these treasures, JSK actively participates in various programmes and contributes to numerous organisations to raise awareness on the preservation of coral reefs. To realise this dream, JSK Borneo Reef has opted to set up its own coral reef farm, located under its sea walking platform.

CSR Programme

JSK is committed to playing its role as an ethical, socially conscious, and corporately responsible citizen of a global community. To the best of our individual abilities and corporate capacity, we pledge to nurture, fulfill and uphold the principles of a dynamic business group by responding to:

1. The specific needs of the underprivileged
2. Education development
3. Disaster reliefs

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